Coffee Cafe ®

Every day is a good day for some coffee and cupcake! Coffee Cafe® is the sweetest, most coffee-rific game ever! With over 100 different order types to create, Coffee Cafe® will keep you busy at any time of the day!

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- Classic Mode: serve dozens of drink and dessert combinations before time runs out. There's Normal mode for players who prefer their coffee sweet and super Hard mode for players who prefer their coffee strong.

- Mini game #1: Coffee Run: Help your customers get to their destination by drawing a path with your finger. It gets a little tricky when there are multiple customers on the screen!

- Mini game #2: Cupcake Mania: In this arcade-style game, your goal is to catch those falling cupcakes.

- “Send Coffee” feature : Send your friends and families some Coffee to brighten up their day!