Eye Pop

Lens have fun with ten multicolored lenses in this Eye Poppin’ game! Use your fingers to pop contact lenses onto and off bloodshot and booger-laden eyes! There’s no time to be wide-eyed! Scrape those boogers and relieve those bloodshot eyes!

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- 10 cute contact lens designs
- Did we mention boogers and bloodshot eyes?
- Put On mode: Insert lenses into the eye within a set amount of time!
- Take Off mode: Remove and clean lenses from the eye within a set amount of time!
- Eye Drop minigame: Drop as many eye droplets as you can within a set amount of time!
- Freestyle mode - Put On: Mix and match lenses of your choice on the character's eyes!
- Freestyle mode - Take Off: Remove mix and matched lenses from the character’s eyes!
- Multiplayer Mode - Challenge your friends and other players on Game Center and see who can insert and remove the most lenses! Try the Eye Drop challenge, too, and see who can drop the most eye droplets!

** Please note that Eye Pop is free to download, but certain premium items will require real money to purchase. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings section of your device. **