Hair Plucker ®

Why is there a Hair Plucker® app, you ask? Because it's PLUCKING awesome! With three types of hairs to pull out– you’re bound to get busy plucking! With plenty of levels and a multiplayer mode through Game Center, this game will keep you Pluck-pluck-plucking away! So "hairy" up and download now!

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- 11 girls with a particular hair problem!
- 3 types of hairs to pluck - short, long and those pesky ingrown hairs.
- Replay each level again and again! The hair on each level will randomize its spot.
- Go hair to hair against your friends in multiplayer mode!

- Nose hair is never cute! But it sure is fun to pluck off in our minigame!
- We nose that playing against your friends is fun, so practice for the big hair plucking "fight"!