Me So Sushi ®

Me So Sushi® is me so yummy! Create sushi orders for your hungry customers with over 25 sushi types to serve! But wait, there's more! Play our Sushi-A-Go-Go mini game where you have to tap sushi orders in the right order.

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CLASSIC MODE: Tap to create and serve over 25 sushi combinations! Look forward to creating some tasty Sushi treats such as:
* California roll
* Unagi sushi
* Spicy tuna roll
* Dragon roll
* Rainbow roll
* Pimple Popper roll (you have to see it to believe it!)
* and many more!

MINIGAME: If you love music dance games, you'll love this sushi minigame too! Let's see how much rhythm you have on your fingers!
- Send Sushi - a sushi card a day makes everyone's hungry tummies go away! ;)
- Decorate Sushi boat - everything looks yummier on a sushi boat!