Pimple Popper ®:Seasons

Hooray for Spring! You can't spend this season of love without..uh..squeezing some pimples! Keep it simple and pop a pimple! Enjoy the ALL previous seasons included in Pimple Popper® Seasons!

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- Valentine's Day mode: 4 faces, a mini love story line
- Easter mode: 3 faces + an Easter Egg mini game! Scratch off the covered eggs to find them. Be careful of the stones!
- Halloween mode: 2 faces that are spooky good!
- Holiday mode with bonus mini game!
- Blackheads, whiteheads, full blown pimples, and crusty scabs! Yummy!
- All the squishy, gooey fun you have come to expect from our Pimple Popper games!
- More updates coming!