Slide to Slide

Slide To Slide with your fingers and help these characters go from point A to point B. It sounds simple enough, but when you have blockers like portals and bombs and puzzle pieces to collect before you can get to point B, things become interesting!

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- 100 total levels, 5 different themes!

1. Super Ninja theme: Help Boy Ninja get to the Pink Ninja. Be careful of the Green Ninja - he's out to block you from your goal!
2. Moxy High theme: Like, OMG! If you think high school drama is complicated, try getting two high schoolers together on these puzzle boards! Don't let the teacher send you to detention!

Unlock 3 more premium themes for $1.99:
1. Shoot Your Ex theme - Get back at your ex!
2. Coffee Cafe theme - Help the Barista get coffee orders to the sleepy and caffeine deprived customers. No coffee = no happy!
3. Fairy Tale theme - Save the 3 little piggies from an evil but cute wolf. Oink oink! (What does the fox say?)

** Slide to Slide is free to download, but certain premium items will require real money to purchase. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings section of your device. **